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Briter launches jobtech map and intelligence

Nov 30, 2021 | Jobtech Alliance Memo

Finally, a map for jobtech!

This month, start-up market intelligence platform, Briter Bridges, launched their flagship jobtech map.

Briter has developed dozens of maps of key sectors in the start-up ecosystem in Africa, and we’re excited that jobtech got its turn. They found¬†323 active innovators in the jobtech space in Africa, with a particular prevalence of jobs boards. You can read more about their reflection on the map here.¬†

Wait, there’s more…

Even more exciting, they’ve added all these jobtech start-ups, and a jobtech filter, to their Briter Intelligence platform used by investors, funders, and other start-up ecosystem actors in Africa. You can therefore get more details on all of these jobtech start-ups here.

And more!

Finally, you can download detailed maps of each of the different types of jobtech here.

Do you know any solutions missing from this list? Send us a note here and we’ll get it added to the next iteration!


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