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Anyone interested in jobtech can (and should!) become an Ecosystem member. This includes:

Jobtech platform operators
Funders/ Investors
Support organizations (accelerators, incubators etc)
Supply-side organizations (training and supporters to jobseekers)
Researchers/ policymakers/ government

What Ecosystem Members Get

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A monthly newsletter with the latest news on jobtech across Africa, market insights, notifications of events and opportunities, GIFs, and more.

Invitations To Events

Invitations to events or opportunities relevant to you. If we have an event for researchers in the jobtech space, we’ll get in touch if you’re a researcher. If you’re a funder/investors, we’ll invite you to join our circle of investors.

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Beyond general news and opportunities in the jobtech ecosystem, please let us know which of the following - if any - you'd like us to contact you about (tick all that apply)

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