Jobtech for Refugees Community of Practice

Why jobtech for refugees?

Refugees and migrants globally are disproportionate users of jobtech, often with legally complex rights to work in their new locations of residence, as well as a lack of local connections. Jobtech platforms offer an opportunity to connect refugees to international clients or the ‘arrival infrastructure’ needed to get professionally established in a new place.

Introducing the Jobtech for Refugees Community of Practice (COP)

However, as documented by UNICEF among others, there is still a lack of understanding about ‘what works’ for refugees in jobtech, and historically there has been no community to share learnings in the space.

The purpose of the Jobtech for Refugees COP is to build a community where ecosystem members share their work, knowledge, experiences and best practices related to work opportunities for refugees on jobtech platforms.

The primary objective for the CoP will be to:

  1. Share knowledge and best practices internally and with the broader ecosystem
  2. Forge strong relationships and partnerships to activate change
  3. Advocate for greater participation of refugees in a jobtech sector that provides decent work


  1. Producing and sharing studies, white papers, playbooks with the broader ecosystem
  2. Creating toolkits/guides/templates that support Jobtech platforms better engage with the refugee population
  3. Advocate for better business policies that favor refugees and champion inclusivity

Membership: The Jobtech for Refugees COP meets once per month. Anyone can join, but members are expected to participate and contribute actively. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested to join.

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