An Ecosystem-building Initiative?

The Jobtech Alliance is an ecosystem-building initiative around inclusive jobtech in Africa launched in late 2021. We’re interested in digital platforms which connect people to work opportunities that build livelihoods – this includes gigmatching platforms, jobmatching, e-commerce marketplaces, and more. The Jobtech Alliance helps jobtech platforms to grow and create more jobs.

We do this through two workstreams:

Firstly, we seek to create an enabling environment which provides the conditions for entrepreneurs to build platforms which deliver quality livelihoods; this means building the knowledge base of the sector through research, community-building, and spotlighting of the sector. We also seek to grow funding for the space through curating a circle of investors, guiding conversations on sector financing, and work on policy and infrastructure critical for the sector.
Secondly, we deliver a range of acceleration activities with jobtech platforms which enable entrepreneurs to build greater scale, impact, and inclusivity in their solutions.

The Jobtech Alliance is builds off a community of members. Platforms are our nucleus, and we have a specific community for



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Register Your Platform As A Platform Member

For leadership of jobtech platforms in Africa, to join a network of leading entrepreneurs creating jobs across the continent. You’ll join a peer network of like-minded entrepreneurs, gain access to resources and funding opportunities, and play a role in setting the agenda for jobtech in Africa.

Join The Community As An Ecosystem Member

For operators in jobtech platforms, investors/funders, entrepreneur support organizations, researchers, policymakers, support organizations, and anyone interested in jobtech. You’ll get a monthly newsletter, invites to events and access to resources and opportunities.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is jobtech?

‘Jobtech’ refers to digital platforms which connect people to work opportunities that build livelihoods. This includes gigmatching and jobmatching platforms, as well as digital commerce solutions and more. You can get more detail, and contribute to our understanding of the sector, by commenting here.

What is the goal of the Jobtech Alliance?

The Jobtech Alliance seeks to build an inclusive jobtech ecosystem in Africa which catalyses large scale meaningful employment through jobtech solutions. We care about making jobtech:

– Viable & Scalable: Build strong platform businesses that create more jobs for young people

– Inclusive: Platforms reach more vulnerable & excluded groups, particularly women

– Impactful: Platforms enable users to do quality work that offers enhanced incomes, work security, learning, and meaningfulness

Who are the Jobtech Alliance?

The Jobtech Alliance is a collective of entrepreneurs, practitioners, investors, funders, and policymakers collaborating to help build the jobtech ecosystem in Africa. Using a system change model called collective impact, Mercy Corps and BFA Global steer the initiative as its ‘backbone’. The initiative is guided by a Steering Group of sector experts, and by requests from the community itself.

Why does the Jobtech Alliance exist?

Jobtech has huge potential to alleviate the youth unemployment challenge in Africa. We have seen that jobtech has the potential to create new work opportunities that were not previously possible, improve regularity of work, size of income, and quality of work, and overcome traditional barriers to access for marginalized groups. But we’ve also seen that it can create bad work as well as good, and create new barriers to access for marginalized groups. Yet the continent has yet to see a large amount of scaled breakthrough solutions. The market fundamentals are challenging, and there is a lack of innovation in the space. Few startups have succeeded and few funders know how to effectively contribute. There is little shared knowledge about what does/doesn’t work, and a lack of visibility and community limits scope for collaboration. This is why the Jobtech Alliance was built as an ecosystem-building initiative.

What is systems change?

Systemic change involves adjustments or transformations in the policies, practices, power dynamics, behaviors, social norms or mindsets that underlie the societal issue at stake. In this case, we are seeking to shift behaviors of a range of actors (entrepreneurs, funders, support organizations, policymakers and more, to ensure that jobtech platforms are viable/scalable, inclusive to marginalized groups, and delivery quality jobs. In the case of a nascent sector like jobtech, this means really building the whole ecosystem. As Jobtech Alliance member, Sharmi Surianarain of Harambee explained: “What we’re really doing when we talk about system change is rewiring the system. What’s interesting here is that the cabling has not been laid yet.” 

How can I get involved?

Anyone can sign up to join the Jobtech Alliance community (go here) to access our newsletter, participate in events, and get access to opportunities. If you’re an entrepreneur or leader in a jobtech platform, and want to register it to the Jobtech Alliance to get access to a closed community of peers, please go here. Additionally, you can apply for acceleration services from the Catalyst Jobtech Accelerator and the Jobtech Innovation Lab (more here). 

What are the acceleration services that the Jobtech Alliance provides?

The Jobtech Alliance helps jobtech platforms to grow and create more jobs. We have two offerings for platforms: (1) The Catalyst Jobtech Accelerator provides grant capital and bespoke venture building support for early-stage startups with high growth potential (<3 years, <$1m raised, innovative) by deeply collaborating over the course of six months to build the foundations of the business; (2) The Jobtech Innovation Lab partners with jobtech platforms on individual sprints (things like product development, operational innovations, or market expansion) which have the potential to enhance scale, inclusivity, or impact of platforms with their users. The Jobtech Innovation Lab provides a bespoke combination of technical assistance, management support, and grant capital over the course of 2-6 months based on sprint scope, and seeks to gather learnings which could be of value to the rest of the ecosystem. Find more info and apply here.

Who funds the Jobtech Alliance?

The Jobtech Alliance is able to deliver its mission through generous funding from the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (supporting ecosystem-building and acceleration activities across 10 African countries) and other private donors.

Where does the Jobtech Alliance work?

The Jobtech Alliance seeks to build the jobtech ecosystem across Africa, with a focus on the Sub-Saharan African startup ecosystem (we may in future set-up special chapters in MENA, LATAM, or beyond). Our funding currently enables us to support acceleration activities with jobtech platforms operating in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.

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