Jobtech Investment Network

Jobtech Investment Network

The Jobtech Investment Network seeks to change the way that funders (venture capital, philanthropic, and others) interact with jobtech in Africa – to ensure that greater quantities and more informed funding reaches the right startups, and is able to effectively catalyse inclusive, quality jobs.

Why the Jobtech Investment Network

Funding is critical to stimulating the birth and growth of jobtech startups, yet capital inflows to the sector in Africa have historically been small, and the sector has fallen through the cracks of traditional investment thesis – too risky for venture capital, and too complex for philanthropic funding.

Currently, the Jobtech Investment Network has a negligible allotted budget but has been launched in response to the clear need from the community. A possible Phase 2 of this initiative could help build out the Jobtech Investment Network, enabling it to both deploy capital directly (into viable jobtech startups of varying size) while building the wider Jobtech Investment

What we do:

The Jobtech Investment Network is creating a community of funders actively supporting – or interested in working with – platforms in the jobtech sector in Africa. We seek to do this through:

A monthly Jobtech Investment Network newsletter of jobtech pipeline and deals

1:1 connections and introductions to Portfolio and platform members

Market insights through research and learning

Networking opportunities through meetups and workshops

Peer learning and opportunities for co-investment

Eligibility and How to Join

Any funders can join the Jobtech Investment Network, as long as they are, or are interested in, supporting jobtech platforms in Africa. This includes venture capital funds, philanthropic funders, (accredited) angel funders, or others. We’d welcome gender-lens and refugee-lens investors. There is no cost to be a member of the Jobtech Investment Network.

If you meet these criteria would like to join the Jobtech Investment Network, please contact [email protected]

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