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Jobech taxonomy v2. Please give us feedback. Because it matters.

Jul 4, 2022 | Jobtech Alliance Memo

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with the ILO’s Systems Change Initiative, the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment, and over 40 other stakeholders in the jobtech space to develop a revised, more sophisticated version of our jobtech taxonomy. We now have a ‘final draft’ that we’d welcome additional feedback on!

Why does all this language matter? Isn’t this just jargon?

Language does matter. The language that we use in an emerging sector enables stakeholders to better understand it, and to better interact with it. Here are a few immediate use cases:
1. The ILO team are currently developing a tool to assess the quality of work in jobtech platforms. But the questions and tools might vary by type of platform. They’ll use this taxonomy to think through the different considerations for quality of work.
2. The Jobtech Alliance is going to soon launch an Innovation Lab, supporting jobtech start-ups with the potential to achieve greater employment outcomes. We’ll use this taxonomy to define priority sectors for our investment thesis. A primary objective of the Jobtech Alliance is to bring more funders and investors into the jobtech space, and this taxonomy seeks to enable funders and investors to better think through their resource deployment.

That’s enough background. Please dive into the doc here, and provide any feedback by the end of July! We’ll be working on landscape studies using this taxonomy between then and the end of the year!


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