Startup Challenge

Jobtech Idol

Win the Spotlight at Africa’s Premier Jobtech Event 

Your startup can be on center stage at the 2024 Jobtech Summit. Enter the Jobtech Idol contest to gain industry recognition and build new relationships with investors, experts, and partners, in addition to many other benefits. Start your application now.

Branded Booth at the Summit

Attract hundreds of attendees to your very own branded space. At your booth, you can demo your product, share marketing material, and have 1:1 conversations with prospective customers and partners.

Access to Investors, Including an exclusive Investor Day

Gain exposure to investors at our invitation-only Investor Day event. In addition, winners will join a startup community that has collectively raised over $750 million dollars. 

Networking Opportunities:

Connect with industry leaders, jobtech experts, potential partners, and over 70 founders in the Jobtech community startup network. 

Audience Boost

Finalists will be featured on Jobtech Idol’s website, allowing you to increase your visibility, promote your product, and grow your audience. The Jobtech Alliance will promote you to our followers on social media. 

How it works

1. Check Your Eligibility

Ensure your company meets the criteria first: 

  • Is your company within the Jobtech taxonomy?  
  • Are you based in Africa? 
  • Do you have an active product in market? 
  • Have you been in operation for more than 1 year? 
  • Have you demonstrated impact by creating jobs or improving work?
2. Submit Your Application
3. Upload a Pitch Video
  • Prepare a video pitching your company for the Jobtech Summit. Upload the video to YouTube and share the link with us
  • Video Requirements: 
    1. Length: 1-2 minutes 
    2. Aspect ratio: 16:9 landscape or 1:1 square, preferably 
    3. Key information: (a) company name, (b) the markets you work in, (c) intro to your product, (d) how it’s innovative and impactful 
  • Video Tips and Resources: 
    1. Types of videos we’re looking for include: dance/choreography, user testimonials, animations, and voices of team members. 
    2. “How to Make an Awesome Video” (Wikihow): step-by-step tutorial 
    3. “6 Tips for a Good Pitch Video” (Indiegogo) 
    4. “Video Pitch Template” (Biteable) standard pitch video template
4. Compete for the Most Votes

If your video is selected as a Finalist, you will be asked to… 

    • Finalist videos will be posted for public voting on Jobtech’s website. Jobtech will promote each video on LinkedIn and in email campaigns. 
    • You can promote your video on your social-media accounts, i.e., invite supporters to vote for your video on the Jobtech website. 
    • The more votes you get, the higher your chance to win Jobtech Idol! 
    • Companies with the most votes will earn the opportunity to showcase your company at the Summit and receive the benefits described above.
5. Timeline
    • Application + Video submission deadline – February 16th 
    • Start of public voting –February 19th 
    • Announcement of winners – February 26th
6. Prize

The top 5 winners will…

        • Get an exhibition booth at the Summit
        • Travel and accommodation covered (if based outside of Kenya)
        • A slot to pitch for investors on day 1
        • Investor day invitation


Can non-startups apply?

Unfortunately, Jobtech Idol is exclusively for startups in the Jobtech sector who are existing Jobtech Alliance Platform Members. You can apply here for consideration

What happens if I miss the video submission deadline?

Late submissions will not be considered. Ensure that you adhere to the specified deadlines.

How are winners determined?

Winners are determined by public votes. The companies with the highest number of votes secure a spot at the Summit.

Is there a fee to participate?

No, participation in Jobtech Idol is free of charge.

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