Jobtech Innovation Lab

We know that there are many great opportunities for jobtech platforms to increase their scale, impact, and inclusivity on the continent, but there is a lack of time, capital, and capacity to deliver on them. We also know that these learnings can benefit many different platforms on the continent. We’re keen to work with jobtech platforms to support individual sprints that help the businesses to further these goals. We work with platforms at a range of stages:

– Angel stage companies: $10k of upfront grant funding for very early stage (<1 year), with potential to unlock up to $50k of additional advisory and grant support.

– Growth companies and beyond: We collaborate on individual sprints (things like product development, operational innovations, or market expansion) which have the potential to enhance scale, inclusivity, or impact of platforms with their users through a bespoke package of technical assistance, management support, and grant capital over the course of 2-9 months, and seeks to gather learnings which could be of value to the rest of the ecosystem. 

What We Offer

We co-develop individual sprints, where we agree on a ‘Sprint Support Package’ that could combine:


Venture-building support from leading jobtech practitioners

Technical assistance

Technical assistance based on need. This will come from the team at BFA Global (if you need things like product management, engineering, or strategy support) or specialised support (if you need, say, market research on expansion into Ethiopia)

Grant Capital

$10k up front for very early stage startups

For growth stage companies, grant capital can be used to de-risk new initiatives on a case-by-case basis, generally from $10,000-30,000

Management Support

We know that, particularly for earlier-stage startups, one of the biggest challenges is time and capacity. We can provide short-term management consultants to support with delivery for 1-12 weeks based on sprint needs.


Connections to the Jobtech Circle of investors, mentors from the jobtech community, and more.

Share Learnings

In addition to the support to you, we seek to share generalisable (don’t worry – we won’t touch your IP or unique innovations achieved!) learnings with other platforms in the ecosystem to enable wider scale


Angel Cohort:

– <1 year old

– Either in sectors of ‘Digitizing Microenterprises’ or ‘Platforms for Digitally-delivered Work’ (with a preference for selling to international clients)

– Operating in (or seeking to expand into) one or more of: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda

Growth stage:

– Fall into any one one or more of the jobtech categories as outlined by our taxonomy here

– Any business stage, but with a focus on more established platforms that have worked out their core offering, but need help to achieve greater scale, impact or inclusivity

– Operating in (or seeking to expand into) one or more of: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda

– Have identifiable business needs that can be overcome by individual sprints


Please apply through our Jobtech Alliance expression of interest form here. The Jobtech Innovation Lab will select platforms on an ongoing basis. There are no deadlines for application (although based on current funding, we are aiming to select all Portfolio start-ups by 2023). We screen all incoming applications on a biweekly basis, and will let you know progress. We may arrange exploratory conversations. Co-creation of Innovation Lab sprints is a back-for-forth process, and could take weeks or months. All shortlisted platforms are reviewed by an independent selection committee of sector experts

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