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New Gender & Jobtech Landscape Scan available

Dec 11, 2023 | Research

We all want to see a gender-inclusive revolution in Africa’s digital economy. And jobtech might very well bring it! Women are increasingly connected with diverse work opportunities ranging from e-commerce to freelance gigs, as well as more traditional roles in domestic and care services. This holds immense potential for economically empowering African women with flexible income streams and financial independence. But in this promise lies a complex web of challenges. Women are grappling with systemic exclusion, safety concerns, job insecurity, and gender biases, often embedded in the very platforms meant to empower them.

Our Gender and Jobtech landscape scan delves into the nuanced ways African women can harness the potential of jobtech platforms, to ensure that the future of work does not look like the gendered past of work across the continent. We uncover practical strategies for building inclusive platforms and detail the biggest opportunities in each jobtech subsector.

As we navigate the dynamic intersection of technology and empowerment, we conclude with actionable recommendations for platforms, investors, policy-makers, researchers, and support organizations. By addressing these challenges head-on, the ecosystem can truly unlock the transformative potential of jobtech for women across Africa, fostering economic resilience and creating pathways to prosperity.

You can download the report from our Research & Resources Library here.


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