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Jobtech Alliance Platform Membership is a stamp of commitment of your platform to creating quality jobs for all in Africa. We recognise that jobtech business models are not easy, and we’re striving for better. 

What Members Get


You’ll be showcased on our website as a member, and we’ll periodically showcase you in our newsletter and beyond. You’ll be prioritised for learning studies, and you can share with us news or info that you’d like us to include in our newsletter.

Access to funding and opportunities

Let us know if you’re raising, and we’ll share with our circle of investors. We’ll share opportunities (funding, collaborations, events) that could be of interest to your platform.

Peer learning & collaboration

We’ll add you to a community of C-suite leaders in the jobtech space in Africa. Use our WhatsApp group to ask questions on operational questions (from how to get ratings to vetting approaches), share your experience, and develop collaborations with peers. We’ll also host in-person events and mixers with investors and beyond.

Acceleration services

Members are eligible to apply for the Catalyst Jobtech Accelerator and Jobtech Innovation Lab, and will be sought out for collaborations where opportunities arise.

Agenda setting

Play a role in steering the jobtech ecosystem in Africa, and collaborating on the key topics facing the sector, from policy hurdles to the infrastructure that enables your work to thrive.

Ecosystem Membership

As many of your team as are interested can still sign up as Community Members to get the newsletter, invites to events, and more.

Value Systems


 The Jobtech Alliance value system is a set of values that drive not only the Jobtech Alliance team’s interactions with platform members, but also platform members’ interactions with one another.

 What better approach to define these value systems than to utilize native African words whose meanings both platform users and the Jobtech Alliance team members are familiar with?

Described below are these value systems;


Nkwa (Commitment)

Dedicated to providing and improving opportunities for young Africans!

Ubuntu (I am because you are)

We’re all here to learn together; we want to collaborate rather than compete!

Actif Kalibet (Actively Engaged)

Simply said, we’ve decided to be here. Participating actively and being involved! 


Any jobtech platforms that fit within our taxonomy are eligible, at any stage (from bootstrapped startups to major corporates) as long as they:
– Have an active product with new listings and/or users accessing services every day (no idea-stage startups or dormant platforms)
– Are operating in African markets
– Committed to working towards the Fairwork Principles and our guiding star that “jobtech should enable Africans to access and improve work that enhances their quality of life.”
– Are willing to participate in the community

Membership Q&A

What is required of me as a member?

Nothing is required of you, beyond your platform participating in an annual survey of members. This survey is conducted in January each year, and collects information on thi like number of staff, number of users. We won’t share any information without your approval. Membership has no expiry, but the membership list will be reviewed on an annual basis to remove dormant members who do not respond to the survey.

Does membership cost anything?

No. There are currently no plans for membership to require a fee. 

I work for a country office of an international jobtech platform. How should I register?

If, for example, you lead the Kenya office for Glovo, you would register as Glovo Kenya.

What is ‘jobs created and improved’?

We know that there is an incentive for jobtech platforms to use ‘users’ figures, but we all know that this could mean little more than that someone registered their name and phone number. We want to help nudge a focus on meaningful jobs outcomes so we will be asking all members to identify their single indicator for ‘jobs created or improved’. Each platform is different, so we want to invite you to propose yours. It should be a datapoint that you are able to report on each year. We will push you for a more meaningful measure if you propose something too ‘light’. Ideas include:

  • Incomes earned on platform (guidance: this should be SMART eg those earning at least 10k for 3 months consecutively over a year)
  • People connected to jobs or opportunities (guidance: this should be SMART eg connecting to a full-time job or at least X gigs per month for at least 3 months)
  • ‘Enablement’ to access new opportunities  (guidance: this has to tangibly lead to new opportunities. Eg. Users with financing for productive assets)
How do I join?

Interested Platforms should fill out the form below. Applications are reviewed and informed on a monthly basis. Upon acceptance, members will receive an Introductory Email to point the new member to key resources.

Will my data be protected

The Jobtech Alliance follows strict rules of data protection and will only share your data upon your consent.

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